x28 chair
single piece cantilever chair concept
prototype stage

Made from a single L-shaped piece that is repeated 28 times (hence the name), this cantilever chair is the result of experimentations to design a single piece that could perform equally well as legs, seat and back.

The solution is infinitely simple, yet clever and intuitive.

Having found the optimal shape and angles for the piece itself, individual spacers are used to separate each piece from the next. Threaded rods and bolts connect all the parts together.

Taking advantage of the properties of steel, the tightening of the rods makes them arch in such a way that their tension not only shapes the chair, but most importantly gives it stability and rigidity.

Originally conceived in injection-moulded polyethylene from recycled sources, other materials such as plywood or aluminum can be used for (or combined within) the chair.

The compact volume of the un-assembled components makes shipping efficient.

The x28 is undoubtedly distinctive. However, the spacers create an ‘airiness’ that makes the chair inconspicuous and almost invisible when viewed straight on.